Products and Services

We offer:

  • BeeGFS
  • Visualization
  • Highly scalable development environments
  • GRT Computations
  • RTM Computations
  • Beam Migration Computations
  • Code Optimization
  • Power Optimization
  • Power Prognosis
  • Power Simulation
  • Power Allocation and Control

Our Software Products and Platforms

We use High Performance Computing (HPC) methods for our software solutions in a wide variety of applications:

Parallel Programming

This group develops methods and tools for the optimal utilization of available resources.

GPI-Space and ALOMA

GPI-Space allows the development of domain specific development- and runtime-systems.

ALOMA is a specialized version of GPI-Space for seismic applications.


GaspiLS is a scalable and industry proven linear solver library for the exascale age and trimmed to achieve optimal scalability. 


GPI allows truely asynchronous and parallel communication of all threads and achieves optimal overlap of communication by computation.


GaspiCxx is a programming interface for the C++ programming language developed for the GPI-2 communication library.

Seismic Imaging

The group uses modern concepts of High Performance Computing (HPC) for the development of methods of seismic data processing.

Pre-Stack PRO

Pre-Stack Pro is pre-stack seismic analysis software that combines pre-stack visualization, processing, and interpretation in one powerful platform.


ALOMA is a failure tolerant runtime system that allows seismic applications to run efficiently on large distributed systems. 

Methods for Depth Migration

Seismic depth migration algorithms calculate images of the Earth's subsurface from the measured and pre-processed seismic reflection data.

Green by IT

The group Green by IT works on research and development of new technologies for the innovative use of renewable energies.


The mySmartGrid infrastructure offers flexible components for energy information systems. They range from the measurement component to the home automation system.

EMOS Room Climate

The project for the energy management of rental housing with open source smart meters (EMOS) makes it possible to improve the own room climate.




myPowerGrid delivers a centralized, easy-to-use management infrastructure for an aggregated distributed energy storage transparently serving the interests of both corporate and private stakeholders.


PVCAST is a forecasting service that generates the seven day forecast for the production of a photovoltaic plant. The plant specifications, for example the orientation and incline of the system no longer matter.


The multi-vendor compatible energy management system Amperix establishes an energy hub for households and industry with its optimized control of battery storage systems, heat pumps and charging stations for electric vehicles.

Fraunhofer Parallel File System



BeeGFS (also known as Fraunhofer Parallel Filesystem) is a parallel cluster file system, developed with a strong focus on performance and designed for very easy installation and management.




For many years, we have been working on advancing 3D visualization off the beaten path, by using CPUs exclusively and omitting the GPU altogether.

Data Analysis and Machine Learning


Multi-Target Neural Architecture Optimization

AI-Services: NASE – Neural Architecture Search Engine

We support you in the integration of your optimal, individual neural network.


Decentralized Machine Learning That Ensures Data Protection

Fed-DART – Distributed Analytics Runtime for federated Learning

Our »Distributed Analytics Runtime for federated Learning« enables the easy implementation of federated machine learning (ML) methods to leverage local data of distributed environments. This makes it possible to train an AI model without having to federate the data.