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Mit dem Tool »EMMA-CC« werden anstrengende industrielle Bewegungsabläufe ergonomischer.


Realistic modeling and efficient simulation of human motion for applications in ergonomics, medicine and computer graphics is a big challenge.

The main objective of the departments MDF and GMP (Geometry & Motion Planning, FCC Göteborg) in their joint project work within the MAVO project EMMA-CC – this acronym abbreviates the project title "Ergo-dynamic Moving Manikin with Cognitive Control" – is the development of an enhanced digital human model (DHM) for ergonomic assessment of realistic dynamic motions. In future product development and product planning processes, this will enable the design of healthier and safer work places for humans that perform tasks e.g. in the assembly (or disassembly) during manufacturing of products or maintainance of systems.

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Cost-effective due to virtual modeling: Simulation tool enhances ergonomy of industrial workplaces.
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Cost-effective due to virtual modeling: Simulation tool enhances ergonomy of industrial workplaces.

Due to the ongoing demographic change in the European countries the number of older people will increase within the next years in all of a company’s work processes. In contrast to other mainly automatized fields in automotive engineering, and as a result of the high diversity of the tasks, there are still a lot of manual operations in the automotive final assembly.

Therefore, a prospective design of ergonomic aspects for new products and assembly processes will become increasingly important already in the early planning stage. The workplace surrounding, the tools and the tasks themselves have to be conceived to meet the requirements of a big range of variation of a company’s staff.

Biomechanical digital human modelling therefore provides a fundamental tool for planning and decision support. By an enhanced simulation of human motion utilizing biomechanical multibody models, EMMA-CC yields innovative methods, models, algorithms and software tools for an improved ergonomic layout of future work processes for humans.