Application Center TeraTec

About Us

  • Extensive terahertz expertise: TeraTec brings all the relevant techniques and systems together under one roof.
  • Tailor-made terahertz solutions: TeraTec develops systems and applications to customer wishes.
  • The ideal terahertz partner: the TeraTec Fraunhofer experts see themselves as service providers and speak the language of industry.


Our Services

  • Consultancy – in technology and applications
  • Aptitude testing – free-of-charge measurements in our applications laboratory
  • Feasibility studies – technical and economic
  • Contract measurements – for industry and research
  • Development – from single components to individual overall systems
  • Equipment hire – for tasks of limited duration
  • Measurements on customer premises – with mobile systems on objects of any size

Our Equipment

Various measuring systems are at your disposal under one roof at TeraTec, the applications center for terahertz technology:

  • Imaging broad-band terahertz time-domain spectrometers – for measurements in reflection and transmission
  • Diode-laser-based narrow-band terahertz system – for spectrally high-resolution spectroscopy
  • Fast and broad-band ASPOS terahertz spectrometers – for investigating rapid processes 
  • Imaging FMCW terahertz systems at 100 GHz, 300 GHz and 800 GHz – for rapid imaging in reflection and transmission modes
  • In addition to this, we can support you with mobile systems for in-situ measurements:
    • Mobile broad-band terahertz spectrometer – for spectroscopic investigations
    • Mobile fiber-coupled broad-band terahertz spectrometer – for flexible measuring tasks