Quality Assurance and Optimization

The focus of "Quality Assurance and Optimization" is the development of efficient and innovative complete image-based solutions for automated quality assurance in the production. The mathematical core of these solutions and systems, the methods and algorithms for image processing, and their implementation in efficient, complex software is the key feature in comparison with other providers of image processing systems. 

Due to the department’s algorithm portfolio, e.g. products with complex textures are reliably inspected for defects. Methods know from the stochastic geometry allow to find defects in seemingly random textures (for example in the design of ceiling panels). More than 200 algorithms from image analysis have been developed in the department. The algorithm portfolio allows the development of image processing solutions, which cannot be provided by the industry.

In addition, there are many tasks for which commercially available systems can only be used partially. For these cases, the department develops sophisticated image processing solutions - in general with a high algorithmic component.

Overview Example Projects


Process Control and Monitoring Using Edge Computing

The »EMILIE« project focuses on improving decentralized data acquisition and processing through edge gateways.


Cloudiness – The Homogeneity of Filter Media

We developed a theoretically sound cloudiness index and a method to measure it from image data.


Find Cracks in Concrete

In the DAnoBi project (Detection of Anomalies in Image Data), we are working with partners to develop methods that can find and segment cracks even in images as large as 400GB.



In the SynosIs project, we are working with our research partners to develop an inspection system based on artificial intelligence (AI) that detects defects on surfaces quickly and automatically.


AMI4Blisk – Part of Clean Sky EU

We have developed a fully automatic solution for the surface inspection of BLISKs (bladed disks) as part of the research program »Clean Sky EU Aviation«.


Quality Assurance in the Automobile Industry

Image processing is an important part of industrial production. In the automobile industry especially the quality assurance and optimization sector has grown.


Quality Assessment of Leather

During the production of leather products the material itself is not allowed to be damaged or to show defects. We have developed an inspection system for quality assessment.


Signal Analysis in the Railway Sector

The monitoring of hot-running axle bearings and fixed brakes on passenger trains and freight trains requires a non-contact measurement method.


MASC-DISQ – Surface Inspection of Gaskets

The image processing system DISQ was developed for surface inspection of metal gaskets.


MASC-Expansion Cells

MASC expansion cell is a robust, and simultaneously high-precision inspection system for expansion cells, which is used in an industrial environment.


MASC-STEX – Ceiling Panels

Since 2003, MASC-STEX has been successfully operating at a large German manufacturer of ceiling panels.