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At this point, we report on current topics, dates and other news directly from the division.

Workshops and Seminars

Practical applied research and method development require constant communication with the world of industrial application. This means know-how transfer from the institute to industry as well as feedback from users and calibration of new methods according to their practical relevance.

Of course, this is done in our cooperation projects. But we decided to establish an additional broad and open instrument: Advanced technology courses for engineers in the industry.

We offer the following events at regular intervals:


Chargeable Advanced Training Seminars

Technology Webinars free of charge

Fairs, Conferences and Symposia

The experts of our department regularly attend trade fairs, conferences and meetings and are speakers at the various events.

Here you can find the current dates:


Düsseldorf, Conference / 24. - 26.01.2023

Automotive Tire Technology 2023

The 16th International Automotive Tire Technology 2023 Conference addresses the challenges of connectivity, electrification and sustainability.

Our colleague Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Math. Axel Gallrein from the team »CDTire« is represented on site with a lecture.


Technology Day / tba

RODOS® Technology Day

For an efficient vehicle development process, user feedback must be incorporated into the development process as early as possible. RODOS® offers our customers a complete toolchain that enables valid driver studies even before the first prototype is built. Speakers from our division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« will present different techniques and there will be a live demonstration of RODOS®.

News and Press Releases


Podcast Streuspanne / 14.12.2022

Cheating in Chess: Can Statistics Detect Cheating?

Let's talk about chess! Our new podcast episode of »Streuspanne« is about the cheating scandal surrounding Grandmaster Hans Niemann, chess computers, whether they play differently than humans and how to quantify. Then statistics takes over and tries (desperately) to prove cheating. How? Listen in!  [only available in German]


Short News / 12.09.2022

Fraunhofer ITWM Research in the Annual Report of the ECMI

The European Consortium for Mathematics in the Industry (ECMI) has published its annual report for the year 2021 and our institute is represented here several times. A main contribution is the article on the international KLAIM conference 2021 (page 26). Interesting are also the articles on the event »Mathematics Meets Industry 2022« (page 30) and on the project »THREAD« (page 43), where Fraunhofer ITWM is also involved.


Podcast Streuspanne / 15.8.2022

Statistics in Court – True Crime and False Probabilities

Whether Ted Bundy, Charles Manson or Jack The Ripper – True Crime is becoming more and more popular. Statistically speaking, true crime podcasts are now among the most popular podcast formats, so we thought: exciting cases should not be missing in our statistics podcast. Feel free to listen!


Press Release / 27.7.2022

Minister Hands Over Funding Certificate for »MultiskalenBEV«

[only available in German]
In the project »MultiskalenBEV«, researchers are focusing on customized and intelligent solutions in the virtual product development of e-vehicles. The project is funded by the Ministry of Science and Health of Rhineland-Palatinate. Yesterday, Minister Clemens Hoch handed over the funding certificate.


Newsletter Article / 14.7.2022

Simulator-Supported Product Development

For more than ten years, Volvo Construction Equipment has been using our interactive driving and operating simulator »RODOS« for simulator-based production development. Our experts Dr.-Ing. Michael Kleer and Dr. Sebastian Emmerich from the division »Mathematics for Vehicle Development« report in an article in the newsletter of the »Commercial Vehicle Cluster Südwest« (CVC).


Podcast Streuspanne / 5.7.2022

Statistics Prove – Parapsychology Is (Not) Humbug

What actually makes us scientists? We mean »real sciences« and not pseudo-sciences like parapsychology, presumably our scientific methods, which also include empirical studies! Unfortunately, we pat ourselves on the back with this demarcation too early. Because especially the parapsychology manages again and again to hold significant studies under the nose of us »real scientists« – from telepathy up to smart-talking rats. [only available in German]


Streuspanne Blog Entry / 20.5.2022

What Helps Mask That Are Barely Worn?

The Corona pandemic seems to be disappearing from our everyday lives and minds, and with it the masks from our faces. It feels like only half of the people still wear a mask in the supermarket. So today our blogging colleagues are asking the question: What good are masks that are hardly worn any more?


Press release / 20.5.2022

»Open Digitalization Alliance« enters second round

The successful collaboration continues: The joint project »Open Digitalization Alliance Palatinate« of the Fraunhofer ITWM, Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences and the Technical University of Kaiserslautern TUK enters the second funding phase. 


Streuspanne Blogpost / 20.4.2022

How (In)Dependent Are Multiple Antigen Tests at a Time?

[Only available in German]

Do several Corona rapid tests in a row increase the reliability of the result? In one of the last blog posts, we cautiously approached this question. Now we want to close this gap. Because tests are not really independent of each other, but show correlations. But how can such correlations play out?


Streuspanne Blogpost / 8.4.2022

Does Coincidence Really Exist?

Mathematics is the science of the infinite, statistics that of chance. However, Albert Einstein said specifically about chance: »That in which our calculations fail, we call chance.« In the latest blog, our statisticians Sascha Feth and Jochen Fiedler deal with the topic of chance, as in the accompanying podcast.


Streuspanne Blog Entry / 3.3.2022

Are Multiple Antigen Tests in a Row More Reliable?

A reader's question brought us to the topic of this blog post: How much does the reliability of antigen tests increase if you test yourself more than once? Answers to this question are provided, as always, by our blogging statisticians Sascha Feth and Jochen Fiedler.


Podcast Streuspanne / 11.2.2022

Curious Embarrassments in Statistics

Would you admit to ever having relieved yourself in a lake? Probably many of us would be reluctant to answer that honestly. But how does science deal with such awkward questions, how to get closer to the statistical truth? Today's podcast episode is all about »embarrassing characteristics« – our statisticians tell us what role social desirability plays.


Students Competition / 10.2.2022

ECMI Students Competition 2022

How to simulate fatigue effects in muscles? We had a hand in this question for the competition: Together with our spin-off fleXstructures GmbH and the Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre for Industrial Mathematics FCC, we are researching human models for the digital factory. Dr. Joachim Linn is also on the prize committee.


Article Fraunhofer InnoVisions / 27.1.2022

Test Driving without Risks

If you want to test new assistance systems for vehicles, you might not want to go out on the road right away. The person should first drive our RODOS® (RObot based Driving and Operation Simulator). This is because our simulation system allows a large number of simulations. This benefits the development of assistance systems for (commercial) vehicles. Read more in the article of the german online magazine InnoVisions:


Press Release / 17.1.2022

ProP4CableSim – Trilateral Project Simulates Cable Systems in Vehicles

No more cable clutter: Our institute is working on the prediction of the elastic properties of cable systems in the »ProP4CableSim« project. It is part of a special transfer program of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the German Research Foundation (DFG). 

Streuspanne – Our Blog and Podcast on Statistics

Our mathematicians and statisticians Sascha Feth and Jochen Fiedler present exciting news, fun facts and interesting background knowledge about statistics, mathematics and our tool Jurojin and their work behind it in the blog and podcast »Streuspanne – Statistik und ihre Kuriositäten«. 

The Jurojin software can be used to plan and statistically evaluate fatigue tests.


Podcast and Blog Overview

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