Energy and Supply

Renewable energies are already an important component of the energy supply. Their share will continue to rise and pose new challenges for power plant operators, grid managers and energy-intensive industry.

We develop future-proof planning software that integrates the domain knowledge of experts with mathematical optimization algorithms to provide support with regard to investment and business model decisions under uncertain price developments.

Sample Projects


Project »ENERDIG«

Digitalization and artificial intelligence should reduce energy consumption in production and buildings, adapt it to fluctuating generation and control energy conversion processes more efficiently.


Ammonia as a »Green Hydrogen« Storage

As part of the »AMMONPAKTOR« project, we are researching the possibilities of using ammonia as a »green hydrogen storage« together with the Fraunhofer IMM.


Water Supply

The drinking water supply accounts for a significant proportion of municipal electricity expenditure. The use of characteristic curves of the consumer network and pumps leads to more energy efficiency.


Planning of Photovoltaic Power Plants

In cooperation with Siemens Smart Generation Solutions, we develop a software that supports the planning engineers in the challenge of designing good power plants.


Optimization of Flexible Electricity-Intensive Industrial Processes

In the project FlexEuro, we are developing solutions for the optimal marketing of load flexibilities on electricity markets.


Energy Supply of Buildings

Together with the company Goldbeck, we have developed a planning tool that comprehensively simulates and evaluates energy supply concepts for buildings.