Medicine and Healthcare at ITWM

We use mathematical methods in many medical fields and thus improve the survival chances of patients. Whether it is monitoring premature infants or creating the optimal therapy plan, our tools and research can help.

Example Applications and Projects


MaTBiZ: Simulating Biological Cell Separation

In the »MaTBiZ« project, we simulate biological cell separation processes in order to optimize filter media manufactured using additive processes.


Image Processing / Financial Mathematics

With AI Against Billing Fraud

In the »PflegeForensik« project, we are developing AI software to combat billing fraud.


System Analysis, Prognosis and Control

Diagnostic System

Diagnostic System for the Brain Maturation Process in Premature Infants


Financial Mathematics

Damage Extrapolation in the Healthcare Sector

Our goal in this research area is the estimation of guaranteed damage in billing fraud in the health care sector.



Optimized Production Processes at BioNTech

Together with BioNTech we developed a software to better plan, coordinate, and document complex production processes.


System Analysis, Prognosis and Control

Development of New Medication

Mathematical learning methods support the development of new pharmaceutical drugs.


System Analysis, Prognosis and Control

Data Analysis in Life Sciences and Biotechnology

Collection, processing and interpretation of complex data


System Analysis, Prognosis and Control

Next Generation Sequencing

Evaluation of software for the primary analysis of NGS Data



Optimization of the Closure of Abdominal Wall

Surgical treatments include quiet often the opening of the abdominal wall.



Viruses for Tumor Therapy

The aim of the project is to establish a broadly applicable platform technology for combined oncolytic virus immunotherapy.



Medical Care in Rural Areas

The aim of HealthFaCT is to find the optimal distribution of the scarce health care resources in rural areas.


Financial Mathematics

Retirement Plans

We developed the software ALMSim-Pathgenerator to support providers of pension products in questions of product development and placement and effective cost calculation.



Radiation Therapy

In several projects techniques for the adaption of therapy plans based on multimodal data during the radiation treatment are developed.



Duty Rosters for Nursing Professions

In the GamOR project, we are developing a software tool that supports nursing staff in planning their rosters.



Optimization in Radiofrequency Ablation

In order to provide more assurance for doctors, we develop an imaging-based planning system.



Extra-Corporal Focussed Ultrasound Therapy

The method is a high-potential approach to non-invasive tumor therapy.



Scheduling Medical Appointments

In the project we analyze and improve the various treatments and examinations in hospitals.



Therapy Decisions

Especially when planning therapies that strongly interfere with the organism, there is a great need for computer-aided decision support systems in the search for a therapy.



Optimal Dispatching in Logistics

The aim of the project is to develop an optimization engine for Opti-Trans®, a software for dispatching transports requests.