ToolIP - Tool for Image Processing

ToolIP is a visual programming tool supporting the user in image processing and image analysis. It allows for rapid prototyping in a fast and easy way. In ToolIP single images as well as whole directories of images can be processed with one click.

ToolIP is an essential support for developing complex image processing algorithms.

ToolIP’s core is a multitude of mathematical image processing algorithms. They can be combined in a very flexible way. ToolIP contains all standard image processing algorithms and offers additionally a variety of special complex mathematical features.

Selection of Additional Features within ToolIP

  • Arithmetic (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Modulus, And, Or, …)
  • Classification (KMeans, RANSAC, …)
  • Color (ColorTransform, Separate Channels, …)
  • Data (Box, Constant, Circle, HalfPlane, …)
  • Features (Entropy, Geometry, Haralick, Total Variation, …)
  • Filter (Gauss, Mean, Sobel, Canny, Diffusion, CEShock, Median, Ranking, …)
  • Label Image (Labeling, LabelToSize, LabelToFeature, FindMax, …)
  • Manipulation (Extract, SwitchAxes, Flip, Shrink, Expand, Translate, Rotate, Resample, …)
  • Matrix (Multiply, Invert, QR, SVD, EVD, ReplicateRow/Column, …)
  • Matching (Match, FindShape, …)
  • Morphology (Dilation/Erosion, Opening/Closing, Reconstruction, FillHoles, CutHills, …)
  • Segmentation (Threshold, Otsu, FeatureSegmentation, FastChanVese, …)
  • Transformation (Distance, FFT, Hough, HoughCircle, MultiscaleWavelet, …)
  • Utility (Read ASCII, Save ASCII, Script Plugin, AutoCrop, Convert Type, Normalize, …)

ToolIP with the toolbox MAVIkit embeds all functions of the analysing software MAVI into the graph concept.


  • Graph descriptions platform-independent via XML-format
  • Highly modular and re-usable by representing complete subgraphs as single nodes
  • Intuitive operability allows for rapid prototyping