ToolIP – Tool for Image Processing

ToolIP is a software for interactively developing image processing solutions. ToolIP helps the user in rapid prototyping tailor-made algorithms.

ToolIP models the workflow graphically. The user can therefore fast and easily create algorithms. Simple drag-and-drop replaces code writing. Thus, programming skills are not needed.

ToolIP's core is a multitude of mathematical image processing algorithms provided as plugins. They can be combined flexibly.

Solutions developed using ToolIP can be

  • used interactively on single images 
  • applied automatically to batches of images
  • integrated within an inspection system
screenshot of a ToolIp graph
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screenshot of a ToolIp graph

Advantages of ToolIP

  • Graphs are platform-independent
  • Highly modular and re-usable by representing complete subgraphs as single nodes
  • Intuitive operability allows for rapid prototyping

Selection of Additional Features within ToolIP

  • Arithmetic (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Modulus, And, Or, …)
  • Classification (KMeans, RANSAC, …)
  • Color (ColorTransform, Separate Channels, …)
  • Data (Box, Constant, Circle, HalfPlane, …)
  • Features (Entropy, Geometry, Haralick, Total Variation, …)
  • Filter (Gauss, Mean, Sobel, Canny, Diffusion, CEShock, Median, Ranking, …)
  • Label Image (Labeling, LabelToSize, LabelToFeature, FindMax, …)
  • Manipulation (Extract, SwitchAxes, Flip, Shrink, Expand, Translate, Rotate, Resample, …)
  • Matrix (Multiply, Invert, QR, SVD, EVD, ReplicateRow/Column, …)
  • Matching (Match, FindShape, …)
  • Morphology (Dilation/Erosion, Opening/Closing, Reconstruction, FillHoles, CutHills, …)
  • Segmentation (Threshold, Otsu, FeatureSegmentation, FastChanVese, …)
  • Transformation (Distance, FFT, Hough, HoughCircle, MultiscaleWavelet, …)
  • Utility (Read ASCII, Save ASCII, Script Plugin, AutoCrop, Convert Type, Normalize, …)
Binarization Algorithm in 3 seconds with ToolIP.
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Binarization Algorithm in 3 seconds with ToolIP.