ToolIP - Tool for Image Processing

ToolIP is a software for interactively developing image processing solutions. ToolIP helps the user in rapid prototyping tailor-made algorithms.

ToolIP models the workflow graphically. The user can therefore fast and easily create algorithms. Simple drag-and-drop replaces code writing. Thus, programming skills are not needed.

ToolIP's core is a multitude of mathematical image processing algorithms provided as plugins. They can be combined flexibly.

Solutions developed using ToolIP can be
- used interactively on single images or
- applied automatically to batches of images or
- integrated within an inspection system.

screenshot of a ToolIp graph
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screenshot of a ToolIp graph

Advantages of ToolIP

  • Graph descriptions platform-independent via XML-format
  • Highly modular and re-usable by representing complete subgraphs as single nodes
  • Intuitive operability allows for rapid prototyping

Selection of Additional Features within ToolIP

  • Arithmetic (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Modulus, And, Or, …)
  • Classification (KMeans, RANSAC, …)
  • Color (ColorTransform, Separate Channels, …)
  • Data (Box, Constant, Circle, HalfPlane, …)
  • Features (Entropy, Geometry, Haralick, Total Variation, …)
  • Filter (Gauss, Mean, Sobel, Canny, Diffusion, CEShock, Median, Ranking, …)
  • Label Image (Labeling, LabelToSize, LabelToFeature, FindMax, …)
  • Manipulation (Extract, SwitchAxes, Flip, Shrink, Expand, Translate, Rotate, Resample, …)
  • Matrix (Multiply, Invert, QR, SVD, EVD, ReplicateRow/Column, …)
  • Matching (Match, FindShape, …)
  • Morphology (Dilation/Erosion, Opening/Closing, Reconstruction, FillHoles, CutHills, …)
  • Segmentation (Threshold, Otsu, FeatureSegmentation, FastChanVese, …)
  • Transformation (Distance, FFT, Hough, HoughCircle, MultiscaleWavelet, …)
  • Utility (Read ASCII, Save ASCII, Script Plugin, AutoCrop, Convert Type, Normalize, …)

MAVIkit for ToolIP

Giving immediate visual feedback for each processing step, MAVI is the perfect tool for exploratory analysis of 3D image data. The MAVIkit toolbox for the visual programming tool ToolIP embeds MAVI's processing and analysis functionality into ToolIP's graph concept. It thus allows rapid prototyping of complex algorithms as well as processing whole directories of images with one click.