Research Focus Quantum Computing Financial Mathematics

In addition to the technical realization of quantum computers on the hardware side, the development of suitable software is another central challenge for the successful future use of this promising technology. Therefore, we develop efficient quantum algorithms – optimize them, adapt them to specific problems and test them.

In a team of scientists from the fields of mathematics, computer science and physics, we work on software solutions for quantum computing with a focus on current problems in our business areas. Our close partnership with IBM© not only allows full access to the only universal quantum computer localized in Germany, but also guarantees compliance with German data protection law.

Example Projects



In the project »QuSAA« (Quantum Algorithms for Strategic Asset Allocation) we are working on new ways of asset allocation using quantum computing (QC).


Quantum Computing for the Energy Industry

In the BMWi-funded project »EnerQuant«, we develop algorithms for qubit-based quantum computers and quantum simulators for solving an energy fundamental model with stochastic influence variables.



In the project »AnQuC-3« we identify use cases in financial mathematics, transfer classical financial mathematics methods to quantum computing (QC) applications, and further develop QC algorithms.



In the project »EniQmA« (Enabling Hybrid Quantum Applications) we work on systematizing hybrid approaches in the field of quantum computing (QC) in a targeted way.