SPOT Maschinensteuerung
SPOT Maschinensteuerung

Image Processing

The department develops mathematical models and algorithms for image analysis and converts them into industrial software, mainly for production facilities. The fields of application include sophisticated surface inspection and the analysis of micro structures. Consulting also plays an increasingly important role, for example, in the design of image processing systems or the integration of additional components into an existing system. Furthermore general consulting in the area of optical quality control or in the development of algorithms is being offered.

Fields of Activity#

In close collaboration with partners from industry and research, the department realizes custom solutions in the field of image and signal processing in the areas listed below:

Surface and Material Characterization

We develop algorithms and software for the spatial analysis of material structures using 2D and 3D images.

Quality Assurance and Optimization

Here we focus on the development of efficient and innovative image-based complete solutions for automated quality assurance.

Virtual Image Processing

Online inspection systems have proven themselves in many production environments. But what happens when the components are complicated? How can your testing be automated? Answers are provided by virtual image processing.

Industrial Image Learning

Main emphasis is Machine Learning in Image Processing for Production and Industry.

Products and Services

Software-products, computertomography, consulting, and service from a single source.

Information Material

Flyers and other information material of the department.


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