Research Focus Data Science

In our department scientists from the fields of mathematics, statistics and computer science work together on algorithms for the analysis of large amounts of data from various fields of application. In doing so, we apply classical methods of statistics as well as techniques from the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

In cooperation with experts in the respective fields of application, such as health care and the automotive industry, we work on methods for data analysis and visualization that are not only theoretically sound but also applicable in practice.

Example Projects


Federated Learning Framework FACT

FACT applies when it comes to training machine learning models – without the need to centralize or merge data.


Smart App Supports Public Health

»EsteR« uses mathematics and AI to help health departments make decisions. The predecessor is the project »CorASIV«.


Criminal Networks: Combating Billing Fraud

In the project we are researching the identification of anomalies in fraud networks using artificial intelligence (AI).



With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), innovative products and services in the areas of mobility, logistics and energy are being developed in this project and tested under real conditions in Erfurt.


Credit Risk Management Based on News

Our system incorporates the latest news to improve forecasting quality. Machine Learning classifies the news.


Data Science in the Automotive Industry

Data science and machine learning are essential technologies for the optimization of processes and financial products in the automotive industry of the future.


Machine Learning for Production

Modern production plants are now highly complex. Processes are interlinked, machines, interfaces and components communicate with each other.


Billing Fraud in Health Care

Our goal is the evaluation of guaranteed damage in billing fraud in the health care sector.

Suitable Topics of Our Doctoral Students and Post-Docs

Detection of abnormalities by means of autoencoders

It researches Robert Sicks.

Durability: Stochastic and ML-based modeling

It researches Simon Schnürch.

Price modelling

of agricultural commodities under consideration of external factors

It researches Prilly Oktoviany.