Multi-scale modeling and simulation of technical textiles and nonwoven under special consideration of the contact between yarns or fibers is in the focus of this research and development activity.

Technical Textiles and Nonwoven

Modeling, simulation and optimization of the material behavior of technical textiles and nonwovens are our core competences in this area. We calculate their non-linear mechanical material properties by means of mathematical homogenization methods, thus reducing the number of necessary experiments. For any compression or deformation state, we additionally evaluate the air permeability, acoustic absorption or absorbency of the textiles and nonwovens using simulations.

As a modular program, our software tool TexMath enables simulations of mechanical material properties and multi-scale problems for textile applications.

  • With MeshUp we create periodic textile structures (woven fabrics, 3D spacers, knitted fabrics) according to the machine control programs with complex stitches.
  • We calculate the effective mechanical properties (bending, tension, pressure) via FiberFEM.
  • We simulate complex load scenarios on textiles or even the textile production process with FISFT.

Our Expertise Together With the Modular Software TexMath Enables

  • the accelerated development, virtual design and optimization of technical textiles and nonwovens
  • the qualified evaluation of the structure-property relationship and material properties of textiles
  • the automated textile machine control for the production of customer-specific textile

Example Projects


Draping Process for FRP Components Made From High Performance Textiles

AIF-Project »OptiDrape«


Simulation of Mechanical Textile Properties

Multiscale modeling and simulation of textiles and fibers with heterogeneous microstructure is the topic of this research area.  



Simulation of Leather Properties with FISFT

The reaserch aim of the project is the creation of a 3D-FEM structure model for leather.


Properties of Warp Knitted Spacer Fabrics

We work on the DFG project »Modelling of the Structure and the Properties of 3D Warp Knitted Spacer Fabrics and Experimental Evaluation«.


Optimization of Cellulosic Materials

It was the aim of this project to determine numerically the effective transport properties of a cellulosic layer.


Micromechanical Simulation of the Resilience of Nonwovens

In the project, micromechanical simulation models are used for the time-dependent behavior of nonwovens.


Optimization of Nano Meltblown Fibers

Our efforts are focused on developing a significantly more efficient meltblown production process than current state of the art technologies.


Analysis and Optimization of Paper Machine Clothings

The behaviour of press felts is analyzed and simulated at the Fraunhofer ITWM.  


RIM Processes of Polyurethane Foams

In the project FoamInTextil we simulate the foam filling process of Polyurethane foams.