Divisions and Departments

At our institute, departments and divisions conduct research on exciting projects and produce individual products and services for our clients from numerous industries. Divisions unite several departments.

Overarching top topics at Fraunhofer ITWM are Machine Learning as well as Artificial Intelligence and Renewable Energies or Sustainability. In addition, Next Generation Computing and Quantum Computing are future issues that our researchers deal with.

In times of the Corona pandemic, many departments are and were involved in various Anti-Corona projects beyond their actual research field.



The core competence of our OPT division is finding individual solutions to planning and decision problems in logistics, engineering, medicine and health.


Flow and Material Simulation

Our SMS department provides expert research and development support in modeling, simulating and optimizing flows and materials.


Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering

Our MF division is divided into two departments: »Dynamics, Loads and Environmental Data« and »Mathematics for the Digital Factory«. In addition, a team takes care of the simulation of tires.


System Analysis, Prognosis and Control

The focus of our SYS department is on real-time plant operation, drive technology and control for production and power generation. Predictive maintenance is also a major topic here. 


Transport Processes

The core competence of our TV department is the mathematical modeling of complex industrial problems and the development of efficient algorithms for their numerical solution (simulation).


Image Processing

In our BV department, we develop mathematical models as well as image analysis algorithms and convert them into software suitable for industrial use, mainly in production.


High Performance Computing

HPC is all about high-performance computing. This opens up fields of application in the simulation of complex phenomena and tasks in logistics. Energy efficient computing and green by IT are important buzzwords.


Financial Mathematics

In our FM department, the focus is on the competencies of data science and financial mathematics in order to make sustainable contributions to current social challenges in cross-industry focal points.


Materials Characterization and Testing

In our MC department, we develop application-specific measurement systems for material characterization and testing. Especially non-destructive terahertz technology is a major focus.