Reversible Contraception

Project DIUP: Design of an Intrauterine Device

Intrauterine devices (IUDs) are a well-established method of reversible contraception that is very conservative compared to hormone-based systems. Stability and comfort of an IUD in the uterus and thus its long-term usability depend to a large extent on the used design and choice of materials.


Virtual Development of an Intrauterine Device

The aim of the DIUP project is the virtual development of an intrauterine device with a high degree of stability and sufficient wearing comfort. The construction design must allow a stable placement without significant tissue irritation and be adaptable to different geometries of the uterus. The choice of material should allow wearing for a long time without side effects. Design and material should also enable mass production at low cost.

Construction Design and Mechanics Simulation

Virtual development of the IUD begins with the consideration of possible construction designs with a special focus on usability for different uterine geometries. In addition, the material must be selected suitably with regard to practicality and manufacturing possibilities. Based on design and material selection, virtual simulations of the force mechanics are carried out for the final validation of the design.

Project Partner

Dr. med. Hamid Huschmand Nia, Pirmasens