STRING – Comet-like Animation Based on Trajectories of Transient Water Flow

To obtain an impression of results of computational fluid dynamics, simulated velocity fields have to be visualized adequately. In cooperation with delta h Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH the software STRING is developed. It enables an intuitive visualization of steady-state and transient three-dimensional velocity fields with the help of pathlets. It is the result of the PATHS project.

Pathlets are comet-like shapes whose length correlates with the local velocity and whose position is given by a short part of a trajectory. Due to an equidistribution of the pathlets in the domain and their movement with the fluid flow, a natural visualization is achieved.

Visualisierung ELDER-Problem
© delta h
Visualization of Elder's Problem; Deposits with Potentials (up) and Concetraitions (down).
© delta h
Comet-like Animation Based on Trajectories of Transient Water Flow

STRING is based on basic ideas of the Finite Poinset Method (FPM) from the field of Grid-free Methods, which the department uses for simulation tasks in a wide range of fluid and continuum mechanical problems. Especially, the management of the local distribution of the pathlets has to be mentioned because it prevents holes and clusters and yields an intuitive visualization.

Further Features:

  • interface to SPRING as a software for water system modeling which is developed by delta h Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
  • platform independent software for any operation system
  • fast data access
  • graphical user interface for easy control of the visualization
  • additional visualization of scalar attributes in the background (e.g., potential, concentration)
  • overlay of geographical textures


delta h Ingenieurgesellschaft


Influence of a flood wave on the catchment area of an aquifer based on a SPRING transport computation with inverted flow.