Electrochemical Processes for Sustainable Chemistry

Software tool for more efficient designs and operations of electrochemical processes

New electrochemical processes make it possible to produce chemicals for industry based on electricity. Electricity from solar or wind power plants thus opens up new avenues for sustainable production of basic chemicals, such as hydrogen peroxide, ethene, short-chain as well as long-chain alcohols.

Electricity as a Raw Material

The »new raw materials« on which electrochemistry is based are sustainably supplied carbon and renewable energies. Electrochemical processes tap these raw materials for the chemical industry and convert them into products that thus have a green footprint. Electrochemical processes thus close the gap between the energy system and chemical production.


Model-Based Decision Support for Sustainable Processes

Fraunhofer ITWM develops software tools for model-based decision support that enables more cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable designs and operations of electrochemical processes. Interactive decision support is used to visualize the results and to control the electrochemical processes depending on various target variables and input parameters, such as the electricity costs or the desired product qualities and quantities. 

Our Cooperation Partners

Several Fraunhofer institutes have pooled their respective expertise, products, processes and services for electrochemical processes: Under the eSource® brand, they are available as a technological research, development and education platform.