Smart Processes in Construction

BMBF-Project ConWearDi (Construction Wearables Digitization)

The topic of digitalization is increasingly coming into focus. Construction companies in particular, which tend to be small or medium-sized enterprises, are still lagging far behind in the digital change. If you want to remain competitive in the future, you have to face digitalization and take advantage of opportunities that arise.

This is where ConWearDi comes in: The aim is to develop a web platform that enables the digital exchange of information between all those involved in construction. Building on this, services are developed to support the planning and implementation of construction site processes.


Web Platform Digitalizes Construction Site Processes

The platform connects (software) tools of different kinds. Examples are ERP systems, planning tools or machines and materials equipped with sensors. Wearables are also used, e.g. smart glasses, which record and process information in real time. As part of the project, we develop an application for process planning that is specially adapted to construction site processes and connected to the platform.


Construction Site Planning Under Uncertainty

The adherence to schedules across several construction projects is often only possible through a precise division of the work packages and an optimal use of the available resources. Changes in the course of the project (e.g. absence of employees) make it difficult for the planner to maintain an overview.

In ConWearDi we develop models and algorithms that support the site planner in his tasks. An adequate consideration of the uncertainty of planning-relevant information plays an important role. For example, in many cases the feasibility of operations depends on the weather. In these cases, simulations help to develop suitable evasion strategies.

With the help of the resulting software, work packages can be automatically scheduled and optimized with regard to various goals. However, the final decision remains with the planner, who can interactively adapt the created plans (e.g. drag & drop) and is directly informed about the consequences of his decisions.

Im Projekt wird eine Software zur Planungsassistenz entwickelt, die die Durchführung von Baustellenprozessen unterstützt.
© Fraunhofer ITWM
Screenshot der entwickelten Software, welche Baustellen und deren Verantwortliche mit einem Planungstool unterstützt.

Project Duration

11/1/2017 − 10/31/2020


Project Partners

  • eBusiness-KompetenzZentrum für Planen und Bauen
  • Center of Cognitive Science, Rheinland-Pfälzische Technische Universität Kaiserslautern (RPTU)
  • Deutsche Amphibolin-Werke
  • Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz
  • Christian Gröber GmbH & Co. KG
  • HANNES GmbH & Co. KG
  • Sander + Partner GmbH
  • Adam Oswald GmbH
  • J. Wagner GmbH
Forschungsprojekt ConWearDi Dreiklang
© ConWearDi
Das Forschungsprojekt ConWearDi soll im Dreiklang von Baustellentätigkeiten (construction), tragbaren digitalen Endpunkten (wearables) und Digitalisierung (digitization) optimieren.

Video: ConWearDi – Construction Wearable Digitization [Only available in German]

In the joint project video you will get a project overview, and a description of the aspects and components of the collaboration, as well as the tasks of the project partners.