MAVI - Modular Algorithms for Volume Images

MAVI is a software system for the processing and analysis of volume images of the complex micro structure of materials. Due to its modular design, MAVI can also be used for three-dimensional images of natural structures.

MAVI is particularly suitable for the exploratory analysis (of the image data. If the repeated solution of an analysis task for many similar data sets is in the foreground, MAVIkit is an alternative. MAVIkit provides the MAVI algorithms for use in the graphical algorithm design tool ToolIP.


Characterization of Complex Geometry of Microstructures

MAVI focuses on the characterization of the complex geometry of micro structures. Volume, surface, integrals of curvature and Euler number are determined for the whole structure or isolated objects. Anisotropies and preferred directions are not only found but their strength is measured, too. This core is complemented by various filters and transforms, techniques for image segmentation and object isolation, and functions for easy handling of huge image data sets. For special applications, several analysis tools are combined into user friendly modules with few parameters and formatted output.

MAVI provides local analysis methods, e.g. for local porosity, thickness or orientation analysis. For fiber reinforced composites, local fiber orientation tensors can be measured.

MAVI can be extended by the following modules:

  • GrayValueMapping
  • PointFieldStatistics
  • ParticleFeatures
  • MeshExport und MeshVis

MAVI Success Stories

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Tool for Image Processing is a visual programming tool supporting the user in image processing and image analysis. It allows rapid prototyping in a fast and easy way.  


Fiber felt

Glasfaserverstärkter Kunststoff

Glass fiber reinforced polymer


Nickel-chrome foam

2D Schnitt durch farbkodiertes Faserdickenbild

2D slice through color coded fiber thickness image

Diagonal components of the orientation tensor

Diagonal components of the orientation tensor

Cell diameters

Cell diameters

The MAVI Software Family


Particle size and particle shape analysis,
3D pureness analysis


MAVIfiber2d is a software for geometric characterization of fiber systems based on SEM or optical microscopic images.


Prediction of elastic parameters