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Competence Center High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing is indispensable for research and economic competitiveness. Basic research in the fields of energy, the material and life sciences, or even climate research is unthinkable today without detailed simulations. This is also true for key areas of the German economy: Whether electronic devices, autos, airplanes, modern medicines, or innovative operational processes – they all have their basis in simulations.

High Performance Computing opens the way for new applications in the simulation of complex social phenomena or more demanding tasks in logistics. At the same time, the increasing complexity of the underlying HPC architectures and their efficient use poses great challenges for industrial users. In close cooperation with industrial and academic partners, the Competence Center for High Performance Computing develops solutions of how the increasingly complex processors and parallel computers can be used efficiently. In addition to developing tools for the management of supercomputers, it also produces integrated software solutions.

Fields of Activity


Green by IT

Green by IT works on research and development of new technologies for the innovative use of renewable energies.


Fraunhofer Parallel File System (BeeGFS)

The parallel file system BeeGFS is used successfully in various complex environments around the world, in research as well as industry.



We have been working on advancing 3D visualization off the beaten path, by using CPUs exclusively and omitting the GPU altogether.


Seismic Imaging

The seismic reflection method computes an image of the Earth's subsurface, which enables geologists to identify the locations of oil and natural gas fields.


Data Analysis and Machine Learning

In this field of activity we work on scalable solutions for distributed machine learning and big data.


Scalable Parallel Programming

This group deals with the development of methods and tools for the optimal utilization of available resources.

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the Head of Department Franz-Josef Pfreundt.

»The diversity of the innovative projects and the liberties of the single departments are very special«


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