A Short Interview with the Leadership Team of the Division HPC

The leadership team of the division »High Performance Computing« consists of Dr. Valeria Bartsch, Dr. Norman Ettrich, Dr. Daniel Grünewald, Dr. Janis Keuper, Matthias Klein-Schlößl, Dr. Jens Krüger, Dr. Mirko Rahn and Dr. Rui Màrio da Silva Machado. In the following, Dr. Valeria Bartsch and Dr. Jens Krüger, as spokespersons, answer the questions:

What Does Your Area Deal With and What Constitutes Its Research Work?

We are a globally recognized partner when it comes to developing new technologies, especially for distributed and high-performance computing. We are committed to holistic and future-oriented development, optimization and research. Our topics include efficient and scalable hardware and software solutions as well as methods to address industrial and societal challenges.

What Potential Does Your Unit’s Research Have for a Better Future?

We drive the current state of the art in high performance computing. We are courageous and break new ground. We are not afraid to think outside the box and we make a decisive contribution to the transformation to a sustainable society.


Where Do You See Your Division in Five Years?

We develop a complete supercomputing hardware software stack. We are successfully integrating quantum computing into HPC systems. We are open to the unexpected and will develop new ideas over the next five years.

Which Three Keywords Describe Your Division Best?

  • holistic
  • sustainable 
  • courageous
Mission Statement HPC
Mission Statement HPC