Identification of Model Parameters for IPS Cable Simulation with MeSOMICS®

The numerical simulation of highly flexible components like cables and hoses is an important aspect of modern virtual product development. The software IPS Cable Simulation, developed from FCC and ITWM, allows an interactive and at the same time accurate simulation for design and assembly situations.


MeSOMICS® "Measurement System for the Optically Monitored Identification of Cable Stiffnesses"

For a physical correct prediction in the digital mock-up of cables and hoses, their mechanical properties are an essential model input. Therefore, recently a highly automated measurement system (MeSOMICS®) was developed, constructed and registered for patent (DE 10 2016 223 900). MeSOMICS® stands for Measurement System for the Optically Monitored Identification of Cable Stiffnesses. Besides classical measurement quantities like forces and moments, it provides an optical detection of the cable bending line. This optical detection is used to monitor the measurement process.

Bending Test
© Fraunhofer ITWM
Optical monitoring of the bending test with theoretically indentified bending centerline.

Automated Measurement System

The measurement system is especially tailored for a comfortable handling and automated evaluation of parameters. For instance, the assembling of specimens is very easy, the subsequent measurement performs automatically and the relevant model parameters for IPS Cable Simulation are derived immediately after the measurement. Moreover, the innovative concept for the bending test allows practically relevant radii of curvature, which is not the case for the standard 3-point bending test. Thus, the scope of validity is significantly increased.

Based on nonlinear beam theory, an elaborate evaluation algorithm identifies the stiffness parameters from the measured data. By using all recorded quantities – forces, moments, displacements und the mentioned camera images – the algorithm is very robust. In particular, the identified bending stiffness is directly verified by a theoretical solution of the corresponding bending line. Finally, MeSOMICS® provides a complete set of cable stiffnesses for the numerical simulation with IPS Cable Simulation.