Profile of Fabio Schneider-Jung

Fields of Activity/Competences

  • System simulation
  • Simulation of flexible structures for applications in multibody systems and functional DMU



Major Publications

  • Schneider, F.:
    A differential-algebraic coupling approach for force-displacement co-simulation of fexible multibody systems with kinematic coupling, (2016).
  • Schneider, F.; Burger, M.; Linn, J.:
    Efficient and robust co-simulation of geometrically exact Cosserat rod model and multibody system.
    Book of Abstracts, pp. 444, (2016).
  • Burger, M.; Schneider, F.; Steidel, S.:
    Coupled simulation in vehicle engineering.
    PAMMProc. Appl. Math. Mech., Vol. 16 (1), 493–494, (2016).


A collection of publications by Dr. Fabio Julian Schneider-Jung in the Fraunhofer-Publica

YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2021Digital validation of cable performance for vehicles in operation
Schneider, Fabio; Linn, Joachim; Andersson, Fredrik
Conference Paper
2019Constraint coupling for flexible multibody systems: Stabilization by modified spatial discretization
Schneider, F.; Burger, M.
Conference Paper
2018Digitale Absicherung und simulationsbasierte Lastdaten dynamisch beanspruchter Hochvoltleitungen
Schneider, F.; Bilger, F.; Linn, J.; Dreßler, K.
Conference Paper
2018Messvorrichtung zum Vermessen des Biegeverhaltens einer Probe
Kleer, Michael; Linn, Joachim; Pena Vina, Eduardo; Schneider, Fabio Julian; Weyh, Thorsten
2018Simulation-based load data analysis for cables and hoses in vehicle assembling and operation
Schneider, F.; Linn, J.
Conference Paper
2017Cable dynamics and fatigue analysis for digital mock-up in vehicle industry
Schneider, Fabio; Linn, J.; Hermansson, T.; Andersson, F.
Conference Paper
2017Comparison of digital beamforming algorithms for 3D terahertz imaging with sparse multistatic line arrays
Baccouche, B.; Agostini, P.; Schneider, F.; Sauer-Greff, W.; Urbansky, R.; Friederich, F.
Journal Article
2017Kinetic aspects of discrete cosserat rods based on the difference geometry of framed curves
Linn, J.; Hermansson, T.; Andersson, F.; Schneider, Fabio
Conference Paper
2017A new approach for force-displacement co-simulation using kinematic coupling constraints
Schneider, Fabio; Burger, M.; Arnold, M.; Simeon, B.
Journal Article
2016Coupled simulation in vehicle engineering
Burger, M.; Schneider, Fabio; Steidel, S.
Journal Article
2016A differential-algebraic coupling approach for force-displacement co-simulation of flexible multibody systems with kinematic coupling
Schneider, Fabio; Simeon, B.; Arnold, M.
2016Efficient and robust co-simulation of geometrically exact Cosserat rod model and multibody system: Abstract
Schneider, Fabio
Conference Paper
2015A general approach for efficient embedding of flexible structures in multibody dynamics
Schneider, Fabio; Burger, Michael; Simeon, Bernd
Conference Paper
2015The Semi-Classical Limit of an Optimal Design Problem for the Stationary Quantum Drift-Diffusion Model
Pinnau, René; Rau, Sebastian; Schneider, Florian; Tse, Oliver
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