Flexible Loads on the Energy Market

Flexible loads will become increasingly important in the energy system of the future. These will be price-sensitive in electricity trading, which means that a basic assumption of many models is no longer valid and we will develop new solutions in this area.

The integration of flexibility also requires new mathematical algorithms, which we are developing together with energy industry expertise.

Example Projects


AGENS: Neural Networks Predict Energy Consumption

In the AGENS project we are developing smart forecasting models together with partners from industry and research.


Quantum Computing for the Power Industry

In the project EnerQuant we develop algorithms for quantum computers for the solution of an energy-economic fundamental model with stochastic variables.


Risk Controlling

Energy companies are exposed to many risks. The control and management of these risks are essential components of the company’s management. We offer you the development of a risk controlling software which is not restricted to standards.


Marketing of Flexibility on the Energy Market

In the FlexEuro project we are developing methods for the optimal marketing of load flexibilities on electricity markets.


Market Models

With the deregulation of the electricity and gas market the necessity of a mathematical modeling of electricity and gas prices arises.


BMBF-Project ENets

The ENets project team creates mathematical forecast models of how demand for electricity will develop over the course of the year in order to optimally design the electricity grid of the future.


Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance is one of our cross-departmental core competencies on various levels. Keywords here are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks and the Internet of Things.

Suitable Topics of Our Doctoral Students and Post-Docs

Stochastic optimization problems in trading with renewable energies

It researches Ria Grindel.

Price modelling

of agricultural commodities underconsideration of external factors

It researches Prilly Oktoviany.