Products and Services


The department „Optimization“‘s core comeptence is the development of decision support tools that are individually tailored to the customer’s needs with repect to model, algorithm and graphical user interface as well as equipped with all necessary interfaces to the customer’s IT-systems.



  • Software for product developers that allow a multidisciplinary optimization of technical product layouts with respect to quality and cost measures
  • Software for production process planning, optimization and control with optional interface to ERP-systems
  • Software components for the development of chemical production processes comprising short-cut models, steady state models, dynamic control and greybox models
  • Modelling, simulation and optimization of supply networks with regard to cost, robustness and risk (e.g. material networks for production, drinking water supply networks)
  • Planning components for medical treatment planning


We offer:

  • Studies for capacity and cost analysis of production facilities and plants
  • Simulation and optimization of complex production processes (e.g. balance of production time, material and human ressources, environmental aspects, product qualities and cost)
  • Development of optimization algorithms integrated with existing simulation codes for products or production processes
  • Interactive analysis of time series of production data
  • Optimal design of experiments
  • Data driven modelling / Machine Learning
  • Optimization with uncertainties and robust optimization


GSIP Lib & Gen

The aim of this library is to present a collection of test problems from academia as well as from diverse application areas which gives a common basis on which algorithms for the solution of GSIP problems can be tested and compared.