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From PhD Candidate to Permanent Staff

Since its establishment, our institute has continually offered scholarships for PhD candidates in cooperation with TU Kaiserslautern and other universities, which can lead to the award of a PhD in just over three years. Because of the close relationships to the supervisors, this program strengthens the research orientation of our department.

In addition, the program provides excellent job opportunities for the doctoral candidates while representing a potential source of outstanding qualified employees for the department. The two new staff members for 2017, Jaroslaw Wlazlo and Tobias Seifarth, successfully completed their doctorates in Kaiserslautern and Kassel.


Job Offers


Scientific Assistants/Interns

We are always looking for student assistants and interns with good programming skills, especially in C/C++, Python, or Matlab. We offer a variety of practical activities in our projects. In addition, other large software packages (for example, dSpace, Labview) are often used, where the possibility exists. The remuneration is to be agreed upon.

Latest Releases


Article / 27.4.2022

Reporting Delay and Fewer Tests

Omicron appears to be pushing Corona statistics to their limits. The incidence is increasingly inaccurate, and the hospitalization rate lags behind. Experts therefore warn against being blinded by the current figures.

Our team around Dr. Jan Mohring supports with mathematics and simulation to approach the current dark figure in Germany. Read more in the Hessenschau article:


Press Release / 20.4.2022

Innovative Simulation for the Food Industry

Whether cleaning, stirring, kneading or injection processes – MESHFREE can be used to reliably simulate food technology processes. The software product developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer SCAI uses grid-free simulations to map physical processes. This year, the institutes will again be represented at Anuga FoodTec from April 26 to 29 in Hall 7.1 at Stand A049.


Video / 4.4.2022

Air Filter for Good Weather

[The Video is only available in German] Employees of our institute are conducting joint research with IANUS and Fraunhofer IBP on the positioning of air purifiers. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and simulation, the placement is to be optimized. Not only the well-known weather expert Sven Plöger, but also our colleague Dr. Christian Leithäuser has his say in the video. 


Press Release / 23.3.2022

Ministerial Director hands over funding notification for ENERDIG

The efficient use of energy is becoming increasingly important. The state government of Rhineland-Palatinate also wants to combat climate change and is therefore promoting our »ENERDIG« project. Ministerial Director Daniel Stich handed over the funding notification to Institute Director Anita Schöbel and Project Manager Dietmar Hietel. [Only available in German]


Fraunhofer-Podcast / 14.3.2022

Podcast »Pandemic Modeling«

[only available in German] With the help of mathematical models, our researchers can look a few weeks into the future of the pandemic.

In this episode of the Fraunhofer Podcast, they not only explain how to use mathematics to build a pandemic glass sphere, but also answer the question of when the pandemic will finally be over.


Article hessenschau / 20.1.2022

Corona Incidences: Is Now Only the Dark Figure Increasing?

[only available in German]

Omicron continues to spread. Nevertheless, the increase in incidence numbers may soon come to a halt: PCR testing capacity is approaching its limit – and so is the incidence that can theoretically be measured at all. Expert Dr. Jan Mohring deals with this dark figure and gives insights to hessenschau:


Textil Network Article / 12.1.2022

Virtual Quality Inspection for Filter Nonwovens

[Only available in German]

Nonwoven production received more public attention than ever, because the technical textile is crucial for infection control. The ultra-fine nonwoven products are produced in meltblown processes. An team of the Fraunhofer ITWM is optimizing the entire production chain in the ProQuIV project.


Interview Deutschlandfunk / 24.11.2021

High Incidences Among Students

What is the current situation in schools and daycare centers? Can the facilities stay open this winter? Our colleague Dr. Jan Mohring answered these and other questions yesterday in the »Forschung aktuell« on Deutschlandfunk radio. You can listen to and read the interview.


Deutschandfunk Interview / 27.9.2021

Interview on Incidences and School Tests

Why have the incidences dropped so much recently? What effect do the comprehensive school tests have? Our colleague Dr. Jan Mohring provides answers via mathematical modelling and simulation in an interview with the German radio station Deutschlandfunk.


Press Release / 20.9.2021

Improve Infection Control Clothing

Nonwoven production received more attention than ever before from the general public in Corona times, because the technical textile is crucial for infection protection. The ultra-fine nonwoven products are manufactured in so-called meltblown processes. A cross-departmental team is optimizing the entire production chain in the »ProQuIV« project. 


Press Release / 26.7.2021

Tracking Down Aerosols

How do infectious aerosols spread in supermarkets, airplanes, and other indoor areas where large numbers of people congregate? Researchers from 15 Fraunhofer institutes are investigating this in the »AVATOR« project. We are on board and developing a multiscale simulator.

Fairs & Events


Hybrid Fair / 26.4 – 29.4.2022

Anuga FoodTec

The Anuga FoodTec is the global trade fair for the food and beverage industry. We are on site with experts of the department »Transport Processes« and report on our Software MESHFREE.


Oslo, Congress / 5.6. – 9.6.2022

Eccomas Congress 2022

The main objective of the regular congress is to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest developments in scientific computing in engineering. An expert from our MESHFREE team, Dr. Anand Bharadwaj, will contribute to the program with a presentation.


Fair / 21.06. – 24.06.2022

TechTextil 2022

At Techtextil-2022 in Frankfurt am Main, international exhibitors will present the entire spectrum of technical textiles, functional apparel textiles and textile technologies. This year, our experts will once again be on site at the joint booth of the Fraunhofer Research Unit TEXTIL with a wide range of offerings related to modeling, simulation and optimization of technical textiles.


Digitales Seminar / 28.06. – 29.06.2022

MESHFREE-Course for Advanced Useres on the Topic »Water Management of Vehicles With MESHFREE«

In the advanced training, participants will learn how to use MESHFREE to simulate and analyze the paths that water takes when crossing a vehicle or when exposed to rain. Please med at least two weeks before the start of the course.


Information Event of the TU Kaiserslautern / 2.7.2022

Tag der Mathematik 2022

The Day of Mathematics is an information event of the Department of Mathematics at TU Kaiserslautern, which is primarily aimed at students of secondary schools of all grades as well as accompanying teachers and parents, but also at students. We will be on site with some experts and present exciting topics.


Hanau and online, Conference / 5.7. – 6.7.2022

Automotive CAE Grand Challenge

The Automotive CAE Grand Challenge promotes the exchange between companies, science and software development to solve these challenges. Our tire expert Dr. Jörg Kühnert is on site and reports about our software tool MESHFREE.


Congress / 31.7 – 5.8.2022


Some of our MESHFREE Expert:ins will be offering a digital mini-symposium on »Advances and Applications of Collocation Methods: MESHFREE, IGA, Machine Learning for PDEs« at this year's Congress.


Aachen, Conference / 15.08. – 19.08.2022

GAMM Annual Meeting 2022

We are on site with our experts of the department »Transport Processes« at the most important event of the Society for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM), the annual meeting, which is visited by hundreds of scientists mainly because of its scientific program. 


Austria, Congress / 14.09. – 16.09.2022

61. Dorbirn – Global Faser Congress (GFC)

The 61. Dornbirn GFC 2022 is the innovation platform for the global fibre, textile, nonwovens, finishing and mechanical engineering industries and is intended to function as a generator of ideas and networks. Our colleague Dr. Walter Arne from the department »Transport Processes« will give a lecture on »Modeling and Simulation of Crystallization in the Spinning Process«.


Hof, Conference / 20.09. – 21.09.2022

35. Hofer Vliesstofftage

With presentations from the areas of industry, operational practice and research, innovative developments in the nonwovens industry will be presented again this year. Our colleagues Dr Dietmar Hietel and Dr Walter Arne will be present with a stand and a presentation on »Simulation chain for nonwovens from production to properties - key to increasing efficiency and performance«.