Geo-Referenced Load Data Analysis with VMC® GeoLDA

In order to obtain data for the vehicle development process, measurements are usually carried out on public roads. VMC® GeoLDA provides analysis procedures for enhancing these measurements with geo-referenced aspects. The most important fields of applications for any type of road vehicle e.g. passenger cars, VANs, trucks are:

  • Durability of suspension, chassis, vehicle body, drivetrain (engine, gearboxes, ...)
  • Fuel consumption and emission
  • Studying customer behaviour by the analysis of fleet data, selected customers, ...

The basic idea is to map data signals to its corresponding road segments and assign various road properties to each event.


In particular the following steps are performed:

  1. Mapping the route travelled during the measurement onto the road network by utilizing the GPS signals (required input) and the VMC road database
  2. Segmentation of the data signals according to road type and location (urban / rural)
  3. Classification of segments (hilliness, curviness)
  4. Rainflow analysis and pseudo-damage calculation (for durability applications)

Various export functions are provided for further processing, especially for extrapolating the results to customer distributions using the software tool U·Sim.

VMC® GeoLDA is based on the VMC database and implemented as a module within the VMC Suite or as a MATLAB-based standalone tool.