VMC® Use Case: Load Assumptions for a Light Duty Truck in China at Foton

Best Practice: Planning and Conducting a Measurement Campaign and Derivation of Customer-Specific Load Distributions for Light Duty Trucks in China

In close collaboration of Beiqi Foton Motor Co. and our institue, VMC®-related methods have been applied for establishing new load assumptions for a light duty truck in China. 

In the cooperation, we systematically and representatively derived the duty cycle based on an extensive measurement campaign.

We planned the measurement campaign by using VMC® GeoStatistics and evaluated it with VMC® GeoLDA, thus providing a comprehensive database of loads and consumption for all relevant operating conditions.

Model Takes Into Account Various Aspects of the Vehicle Cycle

A usage model has been built considering various user groups (called cargo types) such as cold chain transport or agricultural transport all over China.

Usage model and load database have been combined to derive load and consumption distributions for all user groups utilizing the tool U·Sim.

Design loads have been taken out of the distributions and finally mapped to schedules on the proving ground separately for the entire vehicle and the cabin based on U·SimOpt.

In addition, a specific fuel consumption duty cycle has been developed which considered more representative than the official WTVC (Vehicle Cycle) for this vehicle in China. 

Analysis of Real Operation Data for Building a Usage Model
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Analysis of Real Operation Data for Building a Usage Model