GreenPowerGrid Supports the Energy Transition

In cooperation with the power utilities in Speyer (SWS), we are building a decentralized system of photovoltaic plants and battery storage units, consisting of approximately 120 separate installations. To construct the PV park, SWS is offering to install photovoltaic units on the rooftops of the residents of Speyer. These storage devices are then combined over a platform to create a virtual large-scale battery, which can be controlled via an interface to the SWS control station. This establishes the cornerstone of the local green power supply.

The system also offers other business advantages, for example:

  • Peak shaving
  • Balancing energy avoidance
  • Local voltage stability
  • or even participation in the regulatory energy market

The price of the regional green power is determined by a combination the photovoltaic plants and the regional wind turbines used in the project from the surrounding areas outside of the city. In the event of production fluctuations, the battery storage units should provide the balancing energy. It can be assumed that barely five percent of the green electricity will need to be drawn from non-regional sources.