Industry Sectors – Who do we work for?

Thanks to the comprehensive methods resident in our departments and the broad spectrum of application areas, our customer base may range across many sectors. Fraunhofer ITWM provides core competencies in the areas:

  • Models and simulation
  • Optimization and decision support
  • Data analysis and visualization

and addresses companies and organizations in the sectors

  • Process / Mechanical / Systems engineering
  • Automotive and suppliers
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical systems
  • Energy and resource efficiency
  • Technical textiles
  • Information technology
  • Financial accounting

As a result of the long term cooperation with our regular customers, a considerable domain competence has evolved in some areas of individual sectors; to name a few in particular, the automobile sector, process engineering, and the energy sector. For all sectors: Fraunhofer ITWM’s modeling and simulation competence creates a real competitive advantage in the marketplace.