Digital Seminar  /  September 10, 2024  -  September 12, 2024

Introduction to MESHFREE

Digital Seminar for Beginners

With MESHFREE a variaty of situations can be simulated, since it adapts efficiently to moving geometry elements such as stirrers of mixing devices or the movement of free surfaces. In the course, we give an overview of the tool and present how the software best supports your demands.

The unique features of MESHFREE enable numerical simulation of scenarios that are currently completely out of reach of other simulation tools: simulating a water-crossing car or turbine abrasion. Additionally, the computation can be faster in scenarios that are difficult for mesh-based methods such as free surface flows.

Our Gridfree Method

In contrast to classical mesh-based approaches, MESHFREE uses an automatically managed point cloud that adapts itself efficiently to the simulation domain – even if the simulation domain changes rapidly due to moving geometries or large deformations.

MESHFREE is not a static software. It is under continuous development by Fraunhofer’s experts to ensure its status as cutting edge software. The team adds new features and keeps the numerical methods up to date with the latest research results.