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Here we collect an outline of our media review and news from the past years. Due to rights clearance, our focus here is on publications in the online media. Among them are professional articles as well as professional portraits or interviews with our experts.

Media Review 2021


Radio Interview / 28.12.2021

Streuspanne Interview at Antenne Kaiserslautern

[only available in German]

The team behind the blog and podcast Streuspanne was allowed to present our podcast at Antenne Kaiserslautern. As always, it's about »statistics and other curiosities« and currently about the probability of a white Christmas. 


RND-Interview / 23.12.2021

RND-Interview on the Omikron Wave

[Only available in German]

No sooner have we almost made Delta than we are confronted with the Corona variant Omikron. Our institute director, Prof. Dr. Anita Schoebel, explains what this could mean in an interview with Editorial Network Germany (RND).


Podcast »Im Hier und Morgen« / 16.12.2021

Understanding AI with Dr. Henrike Stephani

Our researcher Dr. Henrike Stephani was a guest on the German  science podcast »Im Hier und Morgen« (In the Here and Tomorrow), where she reports on how mathematics contributes to automation, what machine vision can create, how this all has to do with mobility and on top of that, it's also about quantum computing. »Anyone can understand how AI works,«  she promises. 


TV Report / 1.12.2021

Expertise of the Fraunhofer ITWM on TV

With Mathematics against Covid19 – our researchers continue to use their expertise in the fight against the virus. In the TV program 3sat NANO ran a report on the topic »How big is the booster effect really?« with statements from our institute director Dr. Anita Schöbel and scientist Dr. Jochen Fiedler. You can watch it here: [only available in German]:


Fraunhofer Magazine / 26.11.2021

Math for Any Emergency

The new Fraunhofer magazine is out! Among other things, we are represented with the article »Math for any emergency« on page 48/49. Here, research around the team of our colleague Heiner Ackermann from the division »Optimization« is presented. How are supply chains made more stable and how does mathematics help?


Interview Deutschlandfunk / 24.11.2021

High Incidences Among Students

What is the current situation in schools and daycare centers? Can the facilities stay open this winter? Our colleague Dr. Jan Mohring answered these and other questions yesterday in the »Forschung aktuell« on Deutschlandfunk radio. You can listen to and read the interview.


Article Fraunhofer InnoVisions / 18.11.2021

Data Trailer

[only available in German] Autonomously driving vehicles will change our street scene. Commercial vehicles pose special challenges, because an autonomously driving 40-tonne semitrailer tractor entails risks that must be well controlled. For this, computers need to know how the condition and load of the trailer influence the driving situation. We are researching this in the project »IdenT«. Dr. Michael Burger in an interview:


Article RND / 12.11.2021

Interview: How to Behave in the Corona Winter?

[only available in German]

The RKI recommends reducing social contacts again, and intensive care physicians are asking for this. RND RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland asked experts what they recommend for ten everyday situations in this corona winter. Our institute director Prof. Dr. Anita Schöbel answered.


Zeit-Article / 11.11.2021

Fourth Corona Wave

[only available in German]

What awaits us all in winter? ZEIT Online has published an article on the current developments surrounding the fourth wave of the corona pandemic. Our institute director Prof. Dr. Anita Schöbel is one of the authors of the statement by leading scientists referred to in the article.


Blog Post / 11.11.2021

From Practice to Research and Back

[only available in German] Normally, research follows a roadmap: Investigation of theoretical foundations, experiments, studies and then practical application. Our colleague Helene Krieg is doing research in the opposite direction in her dissertation. Among other things, she is researching optimisation in water supply. In the KlarText blog of Spektrum der Wissenschaft, she explains what that means:


Interview Franhofer InnoVisions / 10.11.2021

Digitization Under Construction

[only available in German]

No other industry stands for an analog approach as much as the construction industry. In this interview, our expert Dr. Sebastian Velten provides information about projects that could noticeably advance digitization in the skilled trades. 

Interview FACTORY Magazin / 8.11.2021

Each Benefits From the Knowledge of the Other

[only available in German]

Together we are always smarter. Logically, AI models in industry can also be trained better if they also use the learning of other machines. The principle of federated learning is that intelligent machines learn from each other, not about each other. How it works and what it can bring to Industry 4.0 is explained by our colleague Nico Weber in an interview with FACTORY Magazine.


Press Release Bauhaus Mobility Lab / 3.11.2021

»Algorithms Are, at Their Core, Something Very Creative«

[Only available in German]

In this interview, our colleague Stefanie Grimm talks about what creativity and algorithms have in common and how Thomas Brenner's exhibition »Interactive Installation« deals with this topic.


Article / 2.11.2021

Digitally Assisted Laboratory Diagnostics

[only available in German]

Modern laboratory medicine plays an important role in the early detection of diseases. It is also of particular importance in infectious diseases such as Covid-19. Artificial intelligence, mathematics and decision support are helping to make processes more efficient in the CODECT project. Our colleague Dr. Alexander Scherrer reports on this in detail:


Article in InnoVisions / 5.10.2021

25 Years Fraunhofer Itwm: Four Employees Give Insights Behind the Scenes

[Only available in German]

»Mathematics is more multifaceted than one might imagine and it is great to see where mathematical methods are used« – and this for 25 years already. Four of our employees, including head of the institute, give us a glimpse behind the scenes.



Deutschandfunk Interview / 27.9.2021

Interview on Incidences and School Tests

Why have the incidences dropped so much recently? What effect do the comprehensive school tests have? Our colleague Dr. Jan Mohring provides answers via mathematical modelling and simulation in an interview with the German radio station Deutschlandfunk.


Podcast Datenaffaire / 18.3.2021

»Calculate the Dark Rate of Corona«

[Only available in German]

Our Streuspanne bloggers Sascha Feth and Jochen Fiedler are guests on Dr. Annika Bergbauer's podcast »Datenaffaire«. They talk about questions like: How do you calculate the corona dark figure? Are we at the beginning of the third wave? Mathematical answers can be found here: 


Article in the InnoVisions / 18.2.2021

»Farewell to the coffee break?«

 [Only availalbe in German]

The long waiting times at charging stations for electric vehicles are to become a thing of the past. The article by our colleague Jochen Zausch reports on the »structur.e« project, which is researching methods to improve the performance and charging capability of lithium-ion batteries in cars.


Guest Article ZEIT / 17.2.2021

»A Perspective Without Ups and Downs«

How much lockdown will a society tolerate? Together with six other scientists, our institute director Antia Schöbel outlines a plan against pandemic and polarization.

[Only available in German]

Media Review 2018-2020

Article / 3.7.2020

How We Welcome and Support Women’s Career

The article on describes the work of our financial mathematicians. We offer our employees helpful support in reconciling family and career, including a day-care centre directly at the institute, a parent-child office in case of care shortages and flexible working hours. In addition to scientific excellence and development opportunities, these aspects also play a role in the proportion of women at the Institute. Our department of Financial Mathematics shines with a female share of 50 percent.


Press Release / 9.3.2020

Deep Fakes zuverlässig enttarnen mit Mathematik [only available in German]


Article in Kunststoffe 10/2019

Inline Layer Thickness Measurement

Article in »Kunststoffe« on contactless measurement with Terahertz waves in the Micrometer to Centimeter range


Article / 16.4.2019

Designing polymer spin packs in line with dynamic flow

Melt spinning is the most widely use process for turning plastic into fibres.


Article / 10.4.2019

Simulation tool for polyurethane foams

Car seats, mattresses and insulating materials often consist of PU foams. We can now simulate the foaming behaviour.


Article / 30.1.2019

Fraunhofer Tool Used in Radiation Therapy

Our clinical decision support tool MCO was added to Varian’s Eclipse™ treatment planning system.


Article / 26.11.2018

Move Over Lustre & Spectrum Scale – Here Comes BeeGFS?

BeeGFS won the 'HPCwire Best HPC Storage Product or Technology Award' at SC18