Information Material


Freeform Lenses

Development of a Fast and Robust Algorithm for the Design of Freeform Lenses.


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STRING - Intuitive Visualization of Trajectories

An intuitive visualization of steady-state and transient three-dimensional velocity fields on plane and curved surfaces. [German]


FPM - Finite Pointset Method

Software tool for the numerical simulation of continuum mechanical and especially fluid dynamical problems.


Simphoni - Simulation of Pharmacokinetics in the Inner Ear

In the project we reasearch the local application of drugs to the inner ear.



Design of Needle Boards

Simulation and Optimization of Penetration Patterns.


Optimal Spin Pack Design

Computational fluid dynamics and simulation based optimization plays an important role in the design and improvement of spin packs.


Computerized Optimization of Textiles

We offer tools for simulations of nonwovens, fibers and textiles in close coopeartion with the departments Image Processing and Flow and Material Simulation.



Spinning Processes

Simulation and Optimization of Industrial Spinning Processes.