Digital Seminar  /  June 14, 2023  -  June 15, 2023

MESHFREE-Course for Advanced Users

Digital Seminar for Advanced Users

MESHFREE can be used to simulate a wide range of situations as it efficiently adapts to moving geometry elements such as mixer agitators or the movement of free surfaces. In the course, participants will learn how MESHFREE can be used to simulate and analyze the paths that water takes when crossing a vehicle or when exposed to rain.

Lectures for all participants and practical exercises in small groups alternate. The following topics will be elaborated.

  • Movement of geometrical parts (driving movement of a car, fluid-structure-interaction) 
  • Anisotropic porosity (e.g. for engine compartment components)
  • Generation of droplets 
  • Options for performance enhancement (adaptive refinement of flow domain, feeder-cutter-principle) 
  • Postprocessing options (e.g. flux measurement, mapping of quantities onto geometries)