Eindhoven, Conference  /  July 09, 2024  -  July 13, 2024

JuliaCon 2024

Conference on the Julia Programming Language

JuliaCon 2024, taking place this year in the Netherlands, is the largest annual conference on the programming language Julie. This is a fast and productive programming language with a relatively simple syntax. It is particularly popular in the scientific community. In addition to the lectures, JuliaCon will also introduce participants to the Julia programming language through workshops.

Our expert Firoozeh Aga from the division »High Performance Computing« will present the Julia user interface »DistributedWorkflow.jl«, which she developed. »DistributedWorkflow.jl« surrounds a tool developed by the HPC team at Fraunhofer ITWM. It is a user interface to the task-based workflow management system that allows users to create domain-specific workflows in the form of high-level Petri nets and rely on the runtime system to schedule the workflow tasks. The goal of this package is to simplify the process of writing a parallel distributed application and allow HPC experts and researchers to deploy their workflow code from within the Julia environment.