A Short Interview with Head of Department Jörg Wenzel

What Does Your Area Deal With and What Constitutes Its Research Work?

We simulate pension contracts and optimize investment strategies for life insurance policies. We detect anomalies in billing using statistical methods and data science. And we save costs and energy by optimizing load shedding.

What Potential Does Your Unit’s Research Have for a Better Future?

We have broad expertise in fraud prevention and also the right software, for example in the billing of care services. The same applies to secure financial markets, also with regard to consumer protection. Saving energy is a key social and economic issue, which we take into account with our work on the flexible use of energy in industrial companies.

Where Do You See Your Department in Five Years?

We have further expanded our expertise in current research areas. Since quantum computers have shown their superiority over classical computers and we are already conducting research in this area, we will be an established partner for applications of quantum computing in the financial industry in five years. Presumably, we will also have found other research fields for ourselves that are not yet visible today.

Which Three Keywords Describe Your Department Best?

  • Team Spirit
  • Success
  • Fun