Karlsruhe / Seminar with Lab  /  December 06, 2023  -  December 07, 2023

Inspection of Surfaces

Surface inspection is a classic field of industrial image processing and has proven itself in numerous applications over many years. Technological progress not only enables ever higher inspection speeds and more compact systems, but also the complete capture of complex 3D surface structures down to the nanometer range, in addition to the evaluation of two-dimensionally recorded textures. Furthermore, the rapid evaluation of colored, patterned, transparent, highly reflective or mirrored surfaces is possible. Our experts from the »Image Processing« department will be on site, give presentations and supervise practical sessions. 


Seminar content

The seminar consists of both theory and practice. In the first part, theoretical basics and methods of image processing and methods of image processing and surface inspection as well as practical application cases are presented. In the practical part, various inspection systems are then available on which the participants can gain their own experience in small groups.