Zagreb, Croatia  /  May 17, 2023  -  May 18, 2023

Job Fair 2023

At the job fair in Zagreb, technology expertise mixes with interested students, companies establish contacts and exchange experiences. This year we will be on site again and present the work at our institute.

Besides the booths of the companies, it is possible to participate in lectures, workshops and panel discussions and get acquainted with current technological trends and opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere. We will be present with a booth at the fair and are looking forward meeting many interested students or PhD students. 

In addition, our experts Dr. Petra Gospodnetic, Juraj Fulir, Alexander Geng from the department »Image Processing« and Quirin Hoesch and Davide Manfredo from the division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« will be on site. Our colleague Dr. Petra Gospodnetic will give a talk about her work in the fields of »Image Processing« and »Machine Vision and Machine Learning«. The title of the talk is »Computer Graphics Meets Machine Vision – Time to Work Together«