Deep Learning Seminar  /  16. Januar 2020

NeuRIPS 2019 Recap


[nur in Englisch verfügbar]

We had the change or luck to get to the NeuRIPS 2019 in Vancouver one of the biggest conferences regarding the general topic AI. For those who are familiar with the NeuRIPS may know that getting a ticket is quite hard and then choosing among all the available presentations and workshops is as well not an easy task. Therefore we want to give a recap of some of the most interesting talks and workshops we participated in.

The main idea of our talk is not to explain in detail how those subjects work but to give an idea of the possible future directions in Machine and Deep Learning as well as AI in general. This makes it possible to identify interesting new ideas that can be adapted in some of our upcoming projects as well and help us to get the best out of them.