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  • Analyse und Prognose von Zeitreihen
  • Nicht-lineare Regressionsmodelle 
  • Change-point Analyse
  • Machine Learning Methoden



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  • Blandfort, F.; Glock, C.; Sass, J.; Sefrin, S.; Schwaar, S.:
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  • Schwaar, S.:
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  • Sicks, R.; Korn R.; Schwaar S.:
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  • Blandfort, F.; Glock, C.; Sass, J.; Sefrin, S.; Schwaar, S.:
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  • Blandfort, F.; Glock, C.; Sass, J.; Sefrin, S.; Schwaar, S.:
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    Accepted for 17th International Probabilistic Workshop (IPW2019), Edinburgh, (2019).
  • Dresvyanskiy, D.; Karaseva, T.; Mitrofanov, S.; Redenbach, C.; Makogin, V.; Spodarev, E.; Schwaar, S.:
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  • Schwaar, S.:
    Asymptotics for change-point tests and change-point estimators.
    Dissertation, TU Kaiserslautern, (2017).

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