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  • Mathematische Modellierung und Simulation von kombinierter Kuchen- und Tiefenfiltration
  • Modellreduktion
  • Modellierung und Simulation von chromatographischen Prozessen




Sammlung der Publikationen von Sebastian Osterroth in der Fraunhofer-Publica

YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2020Adjoint optimization for the general rate model of liquid chromatography
Osterroth, S.; Menstell, P.; Schwämmle, A.; Ohser, J.; Steiner, K.
Journal Article
2020Attenuation correction for confocal laser scanning microscopy and its application in chromatography
Ohser, J.; Haas, P.; Fahrbach, F.; Menstell, P.; Schwämmle, A.; Osterroth, S.; Dobrovolskij, D.
Journal Article
2019Computer-aided study of the Diesel-water separation efficiency of screen meshes
Elsayed, Omar; Antonyuk, Sergiy; Kirsch, Ralf; Osterroth, Sebastian
Conference Paper
2019Modeling the dynamics of filtration processes under variable flow conditions
Osterroth, Sebastian; Kirsch, Ralf
Conference Paper
2018Build-up of internal cake in layered filtering media
Kirsch, Ralf; Osterroth, Sebastian; Rief, Stefan
Conference Paper
2018Combined depth and cake filtration model coupled with flow simulation for flat and pleated filters
Iliev, O.; Kirsch, R.; Osterroth, S.
Journal Article
2018Including filter media heterogeneities in the simulation of filtration processes
Kabel, Matthias; Kirsch, Ralf; Osterroth, Sebastian; Rief, Stefan; Staub, Sarah
Conference Paper
2018Mathematical models for the simulation of combined depth and cake filtration processes
Osterroth, Sebastian; Pinnau, R.; Volkwein, S.
2018A two-scale approach for the computation of flow through pleated filters based on real image data
Kabel, Matthias; Kirsch, Ralf; Osterroth, Sebastian; Rief, Stefan
Conference Paper
2017Coupling of CFD and structural mechanics simulation for the prediction of manufacturing effects on filter media
Kabel, Matthias; Kirsch, Ralf; Rief, Stefan; Staub, Sarah; Osterroth, Sebastian
Conference Paper
2017Flow and deposition simulation related to chromatographic separation processes: Presentation held at 12th European Congress for Stereology and Image Analysis, 11. - 14. September 2017, Kaiserslautern
Liebscher, André; Osterroth, Sebastian; Redenbach, Claudia; Rief, Stefan; Steiner, Konrad
2017On efficient approaches for solving a cake filtration model under parameter variation
Osterroth, S.; Iliev, O.; Pinnau, R.
Conference Paper
2016Combined depth and cake filtration coupled to flow simulation
Iliev, O.; Kirsch, R.; Osterroth, S.
Conference Paper
2016A combined sensitivity analysis and model reduction workflow for the simulation of cake filtration
Osterroth, Sebastian; Iliev, Oleg; Pinnau, René
Conference Paper
2016The permeability prediction of beds of poly-disperse spheres with applicability to the cake filtration
Osterroth, S.; Preston, C.; Markicevic, B.; Iliev, O.; Hurwitz, M.
Journal Article
2015Cake filtration simulation for poly-dispersed spherical particles
Iliev, O.; Kirsch, R.; Osterroth, S.
Conference Paper
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