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  • Strömungsdynamik
  • Shape Design




  • Leithäuser, C., Pinnau, R., & Feßler, R. (2018). Shape design for polymer spin packs: modeling, optimization and validation. Journal of Mathematics in Industry, 8(1), 13.
  • Leithäuser, C., Pinnau, R., & Feßler, R. (2018). Designing polymer spin packs by tailored shape optimization techniques. Optimization and Engineering, 19(3), 733-764.
  • Hübner, F., Leithäuser, C., Bazrafshan, B., Siedow, N., & Vogl, T. J. (2017). Validation of a mathematical model for laser-induced thermotherapy in liver tissue. Lasers in medical science, 32(6), 1399-1409.
  • Leithäuser, C., Pinnau, R., & Feßler, R. (2017). Approximate controllability of linearized shape-dependent operators for flow problems. ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations, 23(3), 751-771.
  • Feßler, R., Leithäuser, C., & Hietel, D. (2016). Simulation-based analysis and optimization of polymer spin packs. Chemical Fibers International, 66(3), pp. 137-138.

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