Deep Learning Seminar  /  28. Februar 2020

Quantum Computing without a Quantum Computer?

Introduction to MemComputing™’s Technology


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Regular, von-Neumann based computers have severe difficulties to solve NP problems at scales necessary for today's applications.

Therefore, novel computation paradigms are being investigated, of which Quantum Computing is a very promising candidate. It has properties which can result in a very powerful computer, once fully implemented. However, today's technology is not advanced enough to build a quantum computer which can solve practical problems. The main reason why is the lack of technology to reliably build and operate quantum computers at the required scale.

Overview of the MemComputing Technology

The idea of MemComputing is to build a dynamic system in standard CMOS technology, which exhibits properties similar to a quantum computer. Although not equivalent to a quantum computer, MemComputing's technology can be build and scaled up with our known technology and thus compute today's problems.

This presentation will give an overview of the MemComputing technology. It will briefly explain the theoretical background, explain the implementation with digital circuitry and show a machine learning application in the form of training a restricted Boltzmann machine.