Medicine and Healthcare

Issues in healthcare and medicine often involve more complex aspects than problems from other industries. We meet this challenge by adapting or even reinventing mathematical methods from teaching in order to address all important concerns. We have already achieved groundbreaking success in our projects in medical therapy support and healthcare resource management.

Read more about our research practice and our work in this focus area in our selected example projects:

Diagnostics and Therapy Planning

Example Projects


Radiation Therapy

In our projects interactive methods for planning and adapting plans for radiation therapy are developed.


Project SenoAssist

Therapy Decisions in Breast Cancer

Software-assisted Treatment Planning in Senology



Therapy Follow-up care in Oncology

Digital Guardian Angel for Post-therapeutic Improvement of Well-being and Health Status in Cancer Patients


Project KoGGe

Data Analysis in the Healthcare Sector

Project KoGGE: Design of Data-Driven Business Models in the Healthcare Sector


Project IDSAIR

Model Building and Planning Assistance in Psychotherapy

Development of Tools for Dynamic Systems Analysis in Resilience Research


Project CODECT

Laboratory Diagnostics for Covid-19

Early Digital Detection of Covid 19 Transmissions


Projekt MediAn

Data Analysis in Cardiology

Analysis of Cardiology Case data – Software support for precise diagnostics and advanced data analysis with machine learning 


Project APPWAG

Online Training for Mental Health

Stressful life events and life circumstances can be enormous burdens for people's mental health. Targeted measures can help people regain or maintain their mental health and increase their own resilience. The project goal of APPWAG is to create such a psychoeducational training program to increase resilience.


Treatment of HPV Infections

Project HPVex: Design of a Therapeutic Device for HPV Infections of the Cervical Canal


Project DIUP

Reversible Contraception

Design of an Intrauterine Device



Project DECIDE

Integrated Digital Solutions for Oncology

The aim of DECIDE is to develop a web platform for secure data integration, telemedical communication and collaborative therapy discovery for oncology.

Resource Management

Example Projects


Project HealthFaCT

Optimizing Medical Care in Rural Areas

In the project, an optimization system of medical care in rural areas is created.


Project Opti-Trans

Disposition in Transportation

The aim of the project is to develop an optimization engine for Opti-Trans®, a software tool for dispatching transports requests for patients and supplies in real time.


Project GameOfRoster (GamOR)

Optimization of Duty Rosters

In the project, a software tool, that supports nursing staff in planning their duty rosters is created.


Example Projects


Project TheraVision

Viruses in Tumor Therapy

The aim of the project is to establish a broadly applicable platform technology for combined oncolytic virus immunotherapy.


Optimization in Radiofrequency Ablation

It is highly important to completely destroy the tumour in RFA because surviving cells may develop resistance towards heat and promote more aggressive tumour growth.


Extra-Corporal Focussed Ultrasound Therapy

Focussed ultrasound in combination with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a novel high-potential approach to non-invasive tumor therapy.


Optimization of the Closure of the Abdominal Wall

Surgical treatments include quiet often the opening of the abdominal wall (Laparotomy).


Scheduling Medical Appointments

An efficient organization and a seamless flow of all activities are of great importance not only for the patients but also for the staff members.