A Short Interview with Division Director Karl-Heinz Küfer

»My work in the institute feels like an adventure game«

Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Küfer works at the ITWM since 1999 and is director of the division »Optimization« since 2003.

1. Why is the work at the ITWM unique from your point of view? What do you like best?

Interdisciplinary work for different industrial branches makes the work feel like an adventure game: similar mathematical methods and tools applied to completely different industrial problems is something special that you would rather find at a different place.

2. What was your most remarkable experience at the institute?

The development and the introduction of a new planning paradigm into clinical radio therapy together with domain experts from German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg and Mass General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Boston, has been a unique opportunity and experience, which was honored by winning the Preis des Stifterverbandes für die Deutsche Wissenschaft – Verbundforschung in 2016.

3. With which three aspects would you describe the department?

  • Modelling and simulation of industrial processes
  • Mathematical Modelling of complex decision problems
  • Multicriteria optimization for finding optimal compromises