Tire Technology Expo 2018 offers visitors the world’s premier technology showcase, with exhibits of equipment and materials covering the complete spectrum of the tire manufacturing process. We are on site with a team of the department "Mathematical Methods in Dynamics and Durability".


Day 2, 21 February: Our expert Francesco Calabrese is one of the conference speakers. This presentation will focus on the following topic:

»Advanced methods for tire handling analysis, characterisation and parameterisation with CDTire«

CDTire/3D is a physical 3D mechanical tire model. In the model each functional part of the tire structure – sidewall, belt layers, carcass, cap ply – is described by means of shell formulation. The thread is described with an advanced brush model. This presentation will show how to analyse typical tire handling behaviour by using simulation; how to explain the connection between handling property and the tire structure; how it is possible to parameterise CDTire/3D for handling; what is the minimum requirement of measurements needed for complete characterisation.


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