Berlin  /  June 22, 2022  -  June 26, 2022

ILA Berlin

International Aerospace Exhibition Berlin

ILA Berlin 2022 is the largest air show in the EU this year, taking place from 22 till 26 June. It will showcase the future of aerospace highlighting innovation, new technologies and sustainability, the future of climate-neutral aviation and new mobility. Its mission is »Pioneering Aerospace for a Save, Sustainable and Connected World.«


Terahertz Sensor for Mobile Use   

Our experts from the department »Materials Characterization and Testing« present the Mobile Terahertz Sensor. Its great advantage: flexibility. 

Up to now, terahertz sensors mostly work in scanners and are installed in stationary testing systems. This is why the technology cannot be used for large components or complicated component geometries. The mobile hand-held scanner provides a remedy here: it works regardless of location and has no problems with irregular geometries. This makes it a reliable alternative in production as well as in repair and service. It can be applied, for example, to aircraft, railroads or vehicles. With this sensor it is possible to perform:

  • Nondestructive and contact-free: no use of coupling medium 
  • One-sided access sufficient: measurement in reflection 
  • Documented quality control: storage of measurement data
  • Detection of defects in production, manufacturing and service 
  • Periodic condition checks of containers and pipelines
  • Thickness measurement