Bad Nauheim, Workshop und Ausstellung  /  November 07, 2022  -  November 08, 2022

Car Body Painting

39. Workshop

How can supply chains be secured now and in the future? How do we best equip ourselves for the coming changes? How can plants for new and existing paint shops be reliably planned? How can energy consumption be further reduced? These and other questions will be discussed by experts and suppliers at Car Body Painting 2022 in Bad Nauheim. 

Dr. Joachim Jonuscheit, deputy head of the department »Materials Characterization and Testing«, will be on site to present our exhibit on terahertz measurement technology for non-destructive inline coating thickness measurement. Early detection of a faulty painting process (too much or too little paint) avoids the cost-, time- and energy-intensive reworking of numerous bodies and thus makes an important contribution to sustainable production.