Hamburg, Conference  /  August 29, 2023  -  September 01, 2023

International Conference on Operations Research 2023 (OR 2023)

The four-day conference OR 2023 of the Society for Operations Research in Germany (GOR e.V.) brings together experts, academics and researchers from the fields of Operations Research, Management Science, Data Science and Analytics. Here they present their latest results, talk about different trends and exchange ideas.

We will be there with our institute director Prof. Dr. Anita Schöbel and with experts from our »Optimization« division. Two of them will hold additional lectures: On Thursday, 31.08.2023, Elisabeth Halser will give her lecture on the topic »Pareto Navigation for Multicriteria Building Energy Supply Design«. Then on Friday, 01.09.2023, Dr. Tobias Seidel will also give a talk on »the Influence of a Quantum Annealer in a Hybrid Optimization Framework for Solving a Highthroughput Scheduling Problem«.