Mainz, Germany  /  03/22/2017  -  03/23/2017

OptecNet annual meeting

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A team of experts from the transport department and the »Center for Material Characterization and Testing« will be presenting news on the calculation of free-form optics, layer thickness measurement and 3D terahertz testing.

In addition, Prof. Dr. Georg von Freymann, department head of the »Center for Material Characterization and Testing«, will give a lecture on »Terahertz measurement technology« in the session »measuring technology«.


Date: Thursday, 2017/03/23 11:50 a.m

Terahertz measurement technology in the application, Prof. Dr. Georg von Freymann:

Terahertzmesstechnik has developed over the last few years from the laboratory for industrial suitability. The lecture gives an overview of current applications and future developments