Alumni Network Meeting 2022

On December 16, 2022, all Fraunhofer ITWM alumni, consultants, and employees were invited to the strategic networking meeting 2022 at the Fraunhofer Center.

The alumni did not only have a joyful reunion to look forward to, but also exciting pitches in our institute. The event was concluded in the evening, also at the Fraunhofer Center, with a joint dinner and a colorful program.

Pitches Show Project Diversity of the Fraunhofer ITWM Under the Umbrella of »Energy and Climate«.

The technical program at noon was organized by an elevator pitch round with 15 short presentations by scientists on the overall topic »Energy and Climate«:

  • Oho - Optimization of Wood-Based Insulating Materials - Markus Rauhut (head of the department »Image Processing«)
  • Trading and Optimization of Flexible Systems - Florian Schirra (Department »Financial Mathematics«)
  • Green HPC: Efficient and Scalable Applications for HPC - Daniel Grünewald (Member of the Division »High Performance Computing«, Team Leader »Performance Engineering«)
  • GreenAI: How to Design Energyefficient Artifical Neural Networks - Dominik Loroch (Division »High Performance Computing«)
  • Layer Thickness Measurement on Electrodes for Battery Manufacturing in Automotive Production - Shiva Mohammadzadeh (Department »Materials Characterization and Testing«)
  • Energy Efficiency Considerations for the Development and Operation of Road Vehicles with VMC - Christine Biedinger (Department »Mathematics for Vehicle Development«)
  • ALMA: Advanced Light Materials and Processes for the Eco-Design of Electric Vehicles - Heiko Andrä (deputy head of department »Flow and Material Simulation«)
  • Energy Efficiency in Drinking Water Supply - Helene Krieg (Department »Optimization«)
  • Hybrid Energy Supply of Office Buildings - Elisabeth Finhold (Department »Optimization«)
  • AMMONPAKTOR: Ammonia as Hydrogen Storage - Julie Damay (Area »Optimization«)
  • Energy Consumption: From Measured Value to Profile - Benjamin Adrian (Department »System Analysis, Prognosis and Control«)
  • Artificial Intelligence for Energy Saving in Extrusion - Julia Burr, Alex Sarishvili (Department »System Analysis, Prognosis and Control«)
  • Optimal Sensor Pacement for Dynamic Simulation of District Heating Networks - Johanna Heidrich (Department »Transport Processes«)
  • Shape Optimization for Efficiency Improvement of Electrolysis Cells - Sebastian Blauth (Department »Transport Processes«)
  • Hydropower in Pelton Turbines Simulated with MESHFREE - Isabel Michel (Department »Transport Processes«)

In addition, Matthias Klein-Schlößl, member of the division management »High Performance Computing« and team leader »Green by IT«, explained their research on the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles at the institute's own e-charging station.


Gruppenbild Alumni-Treffen 2022
© Fraunhofer ITWM
Gruppenbild Alumni-Treffen 2022

After dinner and words by the institute's director Prof. Dr. Anita Schöbel with a review of 2022, there was a »Meet and Greet« with programming by the scientific departments. Various interactive activities around the topic of »diversity« invited to participate in a Christmas atmosphere – from dialect or ITWM quizzes to language tandem speed dating, Christmas math readings, and statistical games. Thus, the very special Christmas booths also provided a good opportunity to get into conversation and to network.